22 years of experience

About Brandy Schroeder

I have been involved in the fitness industry for well over 18 years, competing in my first bodybuilding show at the age of 24 in 1999. My background is strength and conditioning and nutrition coaching. I have always been a bodybuilder but I am also a mother of two amazing girls and a wife. I have recently switched my focus to nutrition and have become very passionate about teaching flexible dieting methods with the focus on counting macronutrients. I'm all about flexible lifestyle choices.

1999 2nd/3rd LW BB, 1999 CBBF 4th LW BB, 2011 1st Lightweight BB, 2012 4th LW BB, 2013 2nd LW BB, 2014 CBBF WPD

PTS -Personal Trainer Specialist
Precision Nutrition Coach Pn1

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